About - Salem Creek Farms
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About Salem Creek Farms

Salem Creek Farms offers a variety of in-season, locally farmed fresh products. Fresh tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and other vegetables all summer long. Naturally farmed mushrooms of a large variety all year long. We deliver to the doorstep, for families, restaurants, and businesses in the larger Detroit Metro area. Check our available products and schedule the delivery at your convenience.

We have been growing vegetables at Salem Creek Farms for over 15 years, using the most sustainable and eco-friendly farming procedures. We choose heirloom varieties that grow well in our area for a product that is naturally healthy and packed with nutrients. Most importantly, our garden is pesticide and chemical-free!

And in case you wonder, the secret to our tasty vegetables is (besides the pristine and rich soil) the brook that feeds our backyard pond. The nutrient-rich, clean pond water makes our vegetables happy and healthy. We hope it does the same for you!

Thank You For Supporting Your Local Farm!

From Our Customers